El Toll Bullidor

> El Toll Bullidor

1.5 km from the village of Canillo, towards Andorra la Vella, on the right, is the bridge at Molleres, where there is a car park and a timber signboard to mark the start of the Toll Bullidor route.
This route goes through spectacular landscape and ends with a constructed walkway from which you can see an impressive waterfall. In addition to the enchantment of the leaping water, the plants here are very vigorous. It is an ideal route for the whole family.

Departure: main road, at one side of the village of Molleres
GPS Coordinates: 42º33.234N-001º35.303E
Distance: 860 m (one way)
Time: 30 min (one way)
Difference in level: 70 m
Difficulty: easy
Max.-min. altitude: 1,410 m–1,340 m