In the Principality of Andorra, and also in the parish of Canillo, there are some really delightful places of impressive beauty and great variety where you can go sport or tourist fishing and at the same time help to guarantee the ecological balance of the Pyrenean mountains and rivers. 
Most of the Andorran rivers are of quaternary origin and are typified by being small, fast-flowing and not very busy, in spite of their easy access. In the parish you can get to the Ransol, Incles and Valira d’Orient rivers with a vehicle.

Most of the lakes are small and rounded. Some of the most remarkable natural places for fishing are the lake at Juclar - with a total of 29 ha - and the lake at Cabana Sorda, the first at 1 hour on foot and the second at 1 1/2 hours on foot from the Vall d’Incles.

In Andorra, to go fishing, you need a licence. The licences are personal and non-transferable and can be for the whole season or for a single day. There are many places where you can buy the permit and find out about the locations for fishing.

For more information on locations and licence prices: