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The geographical location of the Principality of Andorra has led to the creation of a Pyrenean cuisine, a curious gastronomic mixture influenced by our Catalan and French neighbours. 
The parish of Canillo is a great tourist destination and, as such, the gastronomic offer in its restaurants is very varied and includes both dishes prepared with the traditional products of the land, and also the most sophisticated and far-flung international cuisine. It is cooking which is traditional in preparation, but selective in products.

Pork meat, which was the basic foodstuff in the daily diet of the traditional society, still today can surprise us with the enormous variety of artisanal charcuterie products, such as the donja, bringuera, llonganissa and bulls made from pork products.
As culinary specialities, there are the escudella with boiled meats, mountain rice, chopped vegetables, game stews flavoured with chocolate, meat cooked on a hot stone and river trout, among other remarkable dishes.