Itineraries by car


In the parish of Canillo you can enjoy a number of secondary roads with which you can penetrate into the countryside and enjoy the beautiful mountain landscapes. In spring, summer and autumn they are accessible without any problems. In the winter you should pay attention to the road conditions, which may be affected by snow and ice.


From the end of the asphalt road, you can see the village of Canillo at your feet and magnificent views of the peak of Casamanya and the Rock of Quer.

Length: 4,5 km
Altitude at the end of the road: 1,965 m


From the Roc del Quer viewing point, accessible on foot (3 m), you can enjoy views over the valley of Montaup and the whole of the Valira d’Orient valley, from Soldeu to Encamp.

You can also admire the Roc del Quer viewpoint, a spectacular place that was opened in 2016 from where you can get splendid views of almost the entire parish, An impressive statue of the figure of a man adds the finishing touch to this viewpoint. 

Length: 6.5 km (viewing point of Roc del Quer) - 18.5 km (Ordino village)
Altitude of the highest point of the road: 1,980 m.


This valley of glacial origin - and, in the opinion of many people, the most impressive in the Principality of Andorra - is an area of pastures with very remarkable fauna and flora. Here also there are a great many rural huts, constructions set apart from the main house or the villages and used to store the farming tools.

During the summer months the road is closed to private wheeled vehicles from 10.00 hr to 18.00 hr. In any event, the Commune has a vehicle available to travel this route, at a very reasonable price.

Length: 3 km
Altitude at the end of the road: 1,841 m.


The area of the pass is an area for grazing for cattle and sheep with typical fauna and flora and magnificent views of the peaks of Milmenut, the pass of Jan and the peak of Ransol.

Length: 4,5 km
Altitude at the end of the road: 1,955 m.