El Querol & Les Salamandres

> El Querol Lake and the Pools of Les Salamandres

On this route you may find, when are close to the lake, horses grazing and also the prints of wild boar. And at the pools of Les Salamandres, as their name indicates, there are a great many salamanders.

Departure: on the Ransol road there is a bridge called Mos, where you turn right and go on to the end of the road.
GPS coordinates: 42º35.045N–001º39.151E
Distance: 2,920 m (one way)
Time: 2 hr (one way)
Change in level: 600 m
Difficulty: average
Min-max altitude: 1,940 m–2,303 m (Querol); 2,342 m (Salamandres)