In the parish of Canillo we have several mountain refuges, available as lodging for excursionists, located in places of great beauty or beside lakes and with a fairly broad distribution in the area. Although they are not all supervised/serviced, they are of solid construction and are regularly cleaned and painted. Nearly all have a hearth, bunk beds, a table and there is water and firewood nearby. Generally, access is on foot and they are at considerable altitude.

The free refuges are open all year round and there is no charge. However, the maintenance (cleaning, firewood, first aid kit, etc.) is done more often during the summer months.

The only refuge in the parish which is not free and which allows bookings and offers more complete services to the excursionist, such as a meal service, is the Juclar refuge. It is open from 15 June to the end of September. For the rest of the year, it opens on demand.


  • Cabana de la Vall del Riu (10 places)
  • Cabana del Siscaró (10 places)
  • Cabana Sorda (20 places)
  • Els Cóms de Jan (10 places)
  • La Portella (6 places)
  • Ribaescorjada (6 places)

  • Juclar (50 places)
  • Telephone for bookings: (+376) 678 145 -