Esglesia Sant Joan de Caselles


> Sant Joan de Caselles. Canillo

This church is unique in the world of the Romanesque, with a 12th century stucco figure of Christ in its interior. The building, dated between the 11th and 12th centuries, follows the architectural scheme of the Romanesque churches of Andorra. The bell tower is in the Lombard transitional style. It is the only bell tower in Andorra which does not touch the body of the church.

The screen is a popular work. It is remarkable in that there is no welding, it is all done with fire and hammer. The altarpiece is a work by the Master of Canillo, who produced it around 1525. In the centre is the figure of St. John the Evangelist, patron of the church. His feast day is 27 December. To the left, the predella tells of the miracles worked by the saint according to tradition, and on the right side, the predella is of the last book of the Bible. The border above the altar refers to the Passion and Death of Jesus. There is a predella in pencil. It is the part that could not be found after the altarpiece was stolen in 1935. 

Around the church are the remains of a medieval cemetery. This majestic church is 1 km outside the village of Canillo.